Happy Divorsary

Happy Divorsary

November 6 is the anniversary of my divorce, or as I like to call it, my divorsary.  On that day in 2009, a judge in the South Gauteng High Court struck his gavel and ended my marriage. In a very good sign, I nearly forgot all about it until yesterday.

As a present to myself ahead of the big day, I decided to paint a crazy cow. That’s what a friend called me – with good reason – on Sunday night and I had to laugh. She’s right: I am a crazy cow.

Here’s the cow in progress:


And you know what?  Here’s to embracing colour. Here’s to doing mad things that others wouldn’t approve of. Here’s to being inappropriate and loud. Here’s to life. Here’s to joy.

Here’s to having good stories to tell.

Here’s to being a crazy cow.